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My work is an exploration of personal metaphors represented by simple tokens from nature. A shadow, a stone, a branch. The work often serves as markers or reminders of events, realizations or truths learned from my journey . . .a type of “ebenezer.” My process involves approaching the subject matter through a variety of media and discovering connections

and relationships through the artmaking process. My goal is also to capture simple beauty and nuances in nature and to bring them into view.


On February 11, 2004, I survived a head-on collision with a drunk-driver. A tragic event that took the life of my dear friend and business partner, artist Carol Wilder and left me critically injured. I made my first carved book pieces during the year preceding the crash. A few of them were in process and were not completed until after the wreck. Finishing them has been a crucial part of my recovery. The newer work expands on previous themes like strength and weakness but also begins to addresses being injured,

specifically my spinal fracture, and the paradox of how beauty and grace can come out of tragedy.

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